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Whenever a chance of a holiday comes before us, we always tend to choose from two types of destinations – HILLS or SEASIDES. This idea , as if, has been genetically imbibed into us, and we tend to follow this treaded path....Though we know, very well that India is a country that have got rich and vibrant kit of wildlife and jungles like no other, we tend to largely overlook INDIAN JUNGLES (apart from a few very famous national parks of course) while planning a family holiday trip. But, INDIAN FORESTS can delight one and provide such immensely satisfying and pleasant experience, like perhaps, none other. JUNGLE BOOK is for those, who love forests.....and we, will help you to know, explore and enjoy Indian forests, in a way you want. JUNGLE is not only for the wildlife photographers and adventure enthusiasts; it is, for any one, who has a love and heart for nature. Take a trip with us; we assure you, you will not think otherwise.