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Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

Area : 235.70 sq. Km

Uniqueness : The largest surviving patch of mangrove forests in the state with more than 65 mangrove tree species. Home for the rare, endangered smooth Indian otter, fishing cat, and estuarine crocodile.

Flora : The sanctuary has rich mangrove vegetation with species like rhizophora, avicennia, sonneratia, and aegiceros

Fauna : Otter, Fishing cat, jackal, marine turtle and estuarine crocodile. Most common birds are sea gulls, storks, herons, snipes, ducks and flamingos

Accessibility : 20 km from Kakinada railway station and 70 km from Rajahmundry railway station. Nearest airport Rajahmundry

Season : October to May

Gundla Brahmeswaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Location : Kurnool & Prakasam Districts

Area : 1.425 Sq. Kms

Uniqueness : A jungle amidst the concrete jungle in Hyderabad City supporting verdant forest with diverse flora & fauna

Flora : Southern tropical dry deciduous forest and the last vestigial representative of the endemic flora of Hyderabad region. Includes species like Teak, Sandalwood, Neem, Babul, Palas, Ficus etc.

Fauna : Porcupine, Jungle Cat, Small Indian Civet, Pangolin, Mongoose, Wild Boar, over 130 species of birds, 30 species of Reptiles and 30 species of Butterflies. The park supports over 300 Peacocks

Accessibility :Located in Jubilee Hills, the heart of Hyderabad City

Season : All the year round

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

Location : Adilabad District

Area : 893 Sq. Kms

Uniqueness : One of the Richest Teak Forests in the State, With Dense Pristine Areas Free Of Human Disturbance. The River Kadiam Flows through This Area.

Flora : Dry Deciduous Teak Forests Mixed With Bamboo, Terminalia, Pterocarpus, Anogeisus, Cassias.

Fauna : Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Cheetal, Sambar, Nilgai, Barking Deer, Chowsingha, Mouse Deer, Sloth Bear & a variety Of Birds & Reptiles.

Accessibility : 50 Kms from Mancherial. 260 Kms from Hyderabad by Road. Nearest Airport - Hyderabad

Season : November to May

Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary

Location : Krishna and Guntur District

Area : 893 Sq. Kms

Flora and Fauna: The Sanctuary supports rich mangrove vegetation with plants like Rhizophora, Avicennia, Sonneratia, Aegiceros. Fishing Cat, Otter, Jackal, Estuarine Crocodile and a variety of local & migratory birds.

Accessibility: 80 Kms. by road from Vijayawada Railway station. 25 Kms. from Repalle in Guntur District

Best Time to Visit: October to February

Nagarjuna Sagar Srisailam National Park

Location : Guntur, Prakasham, Kurnool, Mahaboobnagar

Uniqueness : It is India's largest tiger reserve which spreads over 5 Districts with river Krishna flowing through the reserve. It presents some breathtaking sights with hills, valleys and deep gorges.

Flora : Dry deciduous mixed forests with Teak, Bamboo, Terminilias, Hardwickias, Anogeissus and hundreds of medicinal plants.

Fauna : Tiger, Panther, Sloth Bear, Wild Dog, Jackal, Wolf, Fox, Ratel, Indian Giant Squirrel, Tree Shrew, Cheetal, Mouse Deer, Black Buck, Sambar, Chousingha, Nilgai, Wild Boar, Mugger Crocodile, Rock Python and Peafowl.

Accessibility : 130 Kms. by road from Hyderabad. Nearest Airport - Hyderabad

Season : October to May

Pulicat Wildlife Sanctuary

Location : Nellore District

Area : 500 Sq. Kms

Uniqueness : The second largest brackish water Eco-System in the Country supporting the largest congregation of Flamingos in the State.

Flora : A vast coastal shallow, brackish water lake along the coast of Bay of Bengal into which several fresh water streams drain. Species include Prosopis, Casuarina, Ipomea, Pongamia etc

Fauna : The back waters attract large congregation of Greater and Lesser Flamingos, Grey Pelican, Painted Stork, Spoon Bills, Grey Heron, Ducks, Teals, Terns, Herons, Gull and a number of waders.

Accessibility : 10 Kms. by road from Sullurpet Railway station, 50 Kms. by road from Chennai on Chennai-Kolkata road (N.H 5); Nearest Airport: Chennai.

Season : October to March

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Location : Warangal District

Area : 803 Sq. Kms

Uniqueness : It's a low hilly forest situated on the banks of the river Godavari. It is the home to the largest Gaur populations in the state.

Flora : Dry deciduous Teak Forest & Riverine Forest with Bamboo, Pterocarpus, Anogeissus, Buchanania

Fauna : Tiger, Panther, Gaur, Sambar, Cheetal, Nilgai, Black Buck, Chowsingha, Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Wolf, Jackal, Fox, Jungle Cat and a variety of Birds.

Accessibility : 90 Kms. from Warangal / Kazipet (Railway station) 250 Kms. from Hyderabad by road. Nearest Airport: Hyderabad

Season : October to May

Kaundinya Elephant Reserve

Location : Chittor District

Area : 357.60 Sq. Kms

Uniqueness : This is the Only Elephant Reserve in the State

Flora : Southern tropical dry deciduous & Thorn Forest. It consists of Albizzias, Accacias, Lagerstroemea, Ficus, Bamboo

Fauna : Indian Elephant, Sloth Bear, Panther, Cheetal, Chowsingha, Sambar, Porcupine, Wild Boar, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Jungle Fowl, Starred Tortoise, Slender Loris.

Accessibility : 50 Km by road from Chittoor. 120 Kms. from Bangalore. The nearest Airport is Bangalore & Tirupathi

Season : October to April

Nelapattu Wildlife Sanctuary

Location : Nellore District

Area : Area 4.58 Sq. Kms

Uniqueness : The largest breeding ground for the Grey Pelicans. You can watch the Pelicans in their nests from a few feet away

Flora : A fresh water tank with Barringtonia trees providing nesting ground for Pelicans also has Babul, Psosopis, and Ipomeas.

Fauna : Grey Pelican, Open Bill Stork, Spoon Bill, White Ibis, Night Heron, Cormorant, Teals, Ducks etc. Villagers of Nelapattu offer full protection to these birds.

Accessibility : 23 Kms. by road from Sullurpet railway station 80 Kms. by road from Chennai on Chennai -Kolkata road (N.H.5). Nearest Airport - Chennai.

Season : October to March