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Blackbuck National Park

Location : Bhavnagar District

Area : 34.52 sq.km

Uniqueness : The beauty of the grassland is enhanced by the movements of blackbucks and nilgais, which one can see from long distances. The blackbuck is most conspicuous for its jumping over the levels of grass.

Flora :Park is largely grassland with a few pockets of Prosopis chilensis. It is a fascinating savannah habitat

Fauna : Important animals-Blackbuck, bluebull, wolf, jackal, jungle cat, fox etc. Important Birds- Lesser Florican, Houbara bustard, White stork, Harriers, Sarus cranes etc.

Accessibility(By Air) : The Nearest airport is Bhavnagar (72 kms). Ahmedabad (145 kms). The Nearest bus station is Vallabhipur (32 kms). The Nearest Railway station is: Dhala - 55 kms. Bhavnagar - 72 kms.

Season : Monsoon to winter

Gir National Park

Location : Junagadh and Amreli districts

Area : 1412 sq. km

Uniqueness : The Asiatic lion, the most majestic big cat, is a unique gift of nature. It is an extremely intelligent animal with remarkable social habits and hunting techniques.

Flora : Teak, dudhlo, khair, ber, desi baval, dhav, hermo, sadad, timru, ashitro, saledi, modad, khakhro etc.

Fauna : Lion, leopard, hyena, chital, sambar, bulbul, chaushinga, chinkara, wild boar, crocodile, langur, porcupine, ratel, jackal, fox, mongoose, civets, Malabar whistling thrush, orange headed ground thrush, paradise flycatcher, black naped fly catcher, Indian pitta, tawny eagle, Bonelli's eagle, crested serpent eagle, king vulture, crested hawk eagle, painted storks, pelicans, peafowl etc.

Accessibility :Nearest airport is Keshod 90 kms via Veraval. Daily flight from Mumbai to Keshod. Distance of 400 kms from Ahmedabad via Rajkot, Junagadh and Mendarda. Distance of 43 kms from Veraval. Distance of 65 kms from Junagadh via Mendarda

Season : December - April

Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

Location : Jamnagar District

Uniqueness : Khijadia Bird Sanctuary has an amazingly large number of resident and migratory birds in a relatively small area- particularly during winters. Due to its high diversity of landscapes, the sanctuary has a rare distinction of having maximum bird species density in the state with more than 220 species in a relatively very small area.
Flora : Emergent aquatic vegetation includes Typha ungustata, Scripus sp., Cyperus sp. and Saccharum spontaneum. Under water plants include Hydrilla verticellat, vallisnaria spiralis and najas minor and some important tree species like - gando baval, deshi baval, piloo etc.

Fauna : Pelicans, spoonbill, Indian skimmer, great crested grebe, little grebe, purple moorhen, ducks, coots, cormorants, herons, egrets, storks, ibises, gulls, terns, jacanas, darter, flamingoes etc. and many raptors, Jackal, jungle cat, blue bull, mongoose etc

Accessibility : The Nearest airport is Jamnagar (15 kms). Ahmedabad (350 kms. Approximately). The Nearest bus station is Jamnagar (15 kms). The Nearest Railway stations are: Hapa - 5 kms. Jamnagar - 10 Kms

Kutch Desert Wild Life Sanctuary

Location : Kutch District

Area : 7505.22 sq.km

Uniqueness : His sanctuary, which is the largest in the state, encompasses a true saline desert where thousands of Flamingoes nest and breed in the world famous 'Flamingo City', while a 5000-year-old city lies buried in an eternal silence close by. Kachchh Desert Wildlife Sanctuary represents one of the largest seasonal saline wetland areas having water depth between 0.5 to 1.5 metres. But, after October-November, water dries up and the entire area turns into saline desert.
Flora : There are two hills named- Kala Dungar and Goro Dungar. On this hilly island exist several microhabitats. They include grassland, scrubland, barren wasteland, agricultural land, village ponds, irrigation reservoir etc. All of them provide habitat to the fauna of one or the other type. Both the hills represent rocky habitats, with or without scrubs like-Prosopis chilensis, kahri jar, mithi jar, gugal, thor, lai, khijado, gorad, hermo baval, kerdo, bokhano etc.

Fauna : Wolf, hyena, jackal, Chinkara, wild ass, bluebull, wild boar, Indian porcupine, pale hedgehog, mongoose, Rufous-tailed hare, desert fox, spiny tailed lizard, Greater flamingo, lesser flamingo, pelicans, black-necked storks, cormorant, Indian cormorant, Brahminy duck, pintail, Spotbill, Shoveller, Pochard, sandpiper, gulls, terns, stints, plovers etc.

Accessibility : The Nearest airport is Bhuj (110 kms). Ahmedabad (320 kms.) approximately via Radhanpur, Adesar. The Nearest bus station is Rapar (20 kms). The Nearest Railway station is: Bhuj - 110 kms.

Season : Winter

Nal Sarovar Birds Sanctuary

Location : Ahmedabad and Surendranagar districts

Area : 120.82 sq. km

Uniqueness : Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary is a spectacular natural lake with shallow waters and muddy lagoons, dotted by 360 islets. It offers an ideal wintering ground for thousands of migratory birds. These birds travel tiring lengths from Central Asia, Europe and Siberia to escape from severe cold of harsh winter there.
Flora : The sanctuary area has 48 species of algae and 72 species of flowering plants. The common aquatic plants are Cyperus sp., Scirpus sp., Typha ungustata, Eleocharis palustris, Ruppia, Potamogeton, Vallisnaria, Naias, Chara etc.

Fauna : Important birds- The sanctuary has about 250 bird species, which include greater and lesser flamingoes, pelicans, ducks & geese, rails, coots, cranes, cormorants, herons, egrets, storks, ibises, spoonbills, teals, sarus cranes, moorhens and waders etc. Other animals- On southern or southwestern fringes, small herds of wild ass can be seen. Mongoose, jungle cat, Indian fox, jackal, wolf and hyena are also there.

Accessibility : The Nearest airport is Ahmedabad (64 kms). The Nearest bus station are at Viramgam (40 kms) and Sanand (42 kms). 30 km. From Bagodara highway junction. The Nearest Railway stations are: Viramgam - 40 kms, Ahmedabad - 64 Kms

Season : November to April

Thol Wild Life Sanctuary

Location : Mehsana district

Area : 6.99sq. Km

Uniqueness : A shallow water reservoir and predominantly open water area, without island, reed beds give it a distinct ambience. This man-made wetland, declared as a sanctuary in November 1988, has high conservation value. The tallest flying bird of the world Sarus crane inhabits this area and is found in good number.
Flora : Emergent and floating aquatic plants are there at Thol Bird Sanctuary along with some terrestrial trees and herbs such as desi baval, bor, neem, vad, pilu, gando baval, kerdo etc.

Fauna : High species diversity of water birds is the main attraction for an eco-tourist. Cranes, geese, flamingoes, pelicans, egrets, herons, spoonbills, ducks, whistling teals etc

Accessibility : The Nearest airport is Ahmedabad (40 kms). The Nearest bus station is Ahmedabad (40 kms). The Nearest Railway station are: Ahmedabad - 40 kms. Kadi - 55 kms.

Season : November to mid February

Wild Ass Sanctuary

Location : Surendranagar, Rajkot, Patan, Banaskantha and Kachchh Districts

Area : 4953.71 sq. Km

Uniqueness : Owing to the uniqueness of the area and the existence of the rare and endangered species such as Dalmatian pelican, lesser flamingo, sarus crane, caracal, desert fox, black cobra etc., the area is being considered to be declared as one of the world heritage sites. Internationally the area is recognized for its natural and geomorphologic value and has high biodiversity conservation significance.
Flora : Large portion of Little Rann of Kachchh has been covered by Prosopis chilensis. The other plants and trees are: Morad, unt morad, theg, dolari, khijdo, kerdo, mithi jar, kheri pilu, akado etc.

Fauna : The Indian Wild Ass is the major fauna and centre of attraction. The wildlife includes great number of birds. Important animals - Wild ass, bluebull, hare, wolf, Indian fox, jackal, hyena, wild boar, desert cat etc. Important birds- Houbara bustard, eagle, pale harrier, black shouldered kite, pelican, herons, spoonbill, greater and lesser flamingoes, great crested grebe, common cranes, etc.

Accessibility : By Air: Ahmedabad (105 kms). Rajkot (140 kms). The Nearest bus station is Dhrangadhra (16 kms). The Nearest Railway station is: Dhrangadhra - 22 kms, Ahmedabad (105 kms), Rajkot (140 kms).

Season : Post monsoon to winter

Kutch Bustard Sanctuary

Location : Kachchh district

Area : 2 sq. Km

Uniqueness : Tiny Kachchh Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary was declared as a sanctuary in July 1992. Endangered species like lesser Florican, Chinkara and wolf inhabit this area. This bustard has the rare distinction of being the heaviest flying bird.
Flora : Wolf, caracal, desert cat, jackal, hyena, fox, mongoose, bluebull, Chinkara, spiny tailed lizard, royal snake, Great Indian Bustards, lesser Florican, Houbara bustards, harriers, common cranes, black partridges, sand grouses etc.

Accessibility : The Nearest airport is Bhuj (110 kms). Nakhatrana (60 kms.) Ahmedabad (500 kms.). The Nearest bus station is Nalia (20 kms). The Nearest Railway station is: Nalia (20 kms).

Season : Rainy season to winter

Marine National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary

Location : Jamnagar district

Area : 270 Sq. Km

Uniqueness : Blessed with a great diversity of habitats, its coral reefs and mangroves and the series of 42 islands form a unique, though fragile, eco-system, which supports an amazing marine life and biodiversity.
Flora : Six species of mangroves, several species of herbs, grasses and shrubs and 120 species of algae.

Fauna : Colourful sponges and corals including 42 hard coral and 10 soft coral species, sea anemones, jelly fishes, sea horse, octopus, pearl oyster, sabela, portugese- man-of-war, starfish, bonellia, sepia, lobster, crabs, prawns, sea turtles, dolphin, dugong, porpoise, shark etc.

Accessibility : By Air: Jamnagar (7 kms). Ahmedabad (350 kms). The Nearest bus station is Jamnagar (7 kms). The Nearest Railway stations are: Jamnagar (7 kms), Rajkot - 90 Kms

Season : October and March