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Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

Location : Thiruvananthapuram District

Area : 53 sq km

Uniqueness : The place is fascinating for its damsite, thick forest areas, eucalyptus plantations, crystal clear streams and rocky terrains ideal for adventure expeditions.
Flora : Common tree species are Terminalia paniculta, T. bellerica, PTEROCARPUS MARSUPIUM, Palaquium ellipticum, Mesua ferrea, Hopea parviflora, Bombax ceiba, Syzyguium cummini, Lagerstroemia lanceolata, Albizzia procera, Alstonia scholaris, etc.
Fauna : The common mammals found are Tiger, Leopard, Sloth bear, Elephant, Sambar barking Deer, bonnet Macaque, Nilgiri langur, Nilgiri tahr etc.

Accessibility : By Road - Thiruvananthapuram - 44km, Nearest Railway Station: - Thiruvananthapuram - 44km, Nearest Airport: - Thiruvananthapuram - 49 km

Season : January to March

Thattekkadu Bird Sanctuary

Location : Eranakulam District.

Area : : 25.16 sq.km

Uniqueness : : Constituted during 1983 it is the only Bird sanctuary in Kerala
Flora : Forest Types includes Tropical Evergreen Forests, Tropical Semi-evergreen forests, Moist Decidious forests, Riparian Forests, Plantations of Teak, Rosewood, Mahagony and Fruit Orchard.
Fauna : The common animals found are Leopard, sloth bear. Porcupine etc. Elephants are occasional vistors, Common birds are Indian roller, Cuckoo, common snipe, crow phesant, grey drongo, Malabar trogon, wood peckers, lare pied wagtail, Indian hill myna etc. Rare birds found are Ceylon Frogmouth, Bourdillons Long eared Indian Nightjar, Peninsular Bay owl, Crimson throated barbet, Malabar hornbill, Malabar horn bill, Malabar shama, Greyheaded fising eagle etc.

Accessibility : By Road – 13 km from Kothamangalam, kottayam (83km), Nearest railway station: Aluva (48kms), Nearest Airport: Kochi - 71 km.

Season : October to June

Eravikulam National Park

Location : : Idukki District

Area : 97 Sq.Km

Uniqueness : Awesome landscapes of grassy hills of Kerala and also enjoy the magnificent scenic splendor, strewn with wildflowers and boulders, overlooking the vast, blue-green stretches of the gentle hilly valley in Kerala, India.

Flora : Rolling Grasslands and on a Higher Level, Shola Forest.

Fauna : Tigers , Panther, Wild Dog, Civet Cats, Sloth Bear, Nilgiri Langur, Wild Boar, Nilgiri Tahr etc

Accessibility : Nearest Airport: Kochi (143km), Nearest Railway Station: Kochi (143km), Munnar (16km)

Season : November to April

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Location : Thekkady District

Area : 777 sq. km.

Uniqueness : The Periyar Tiger Reserve, named after the Periyar River, is one of our prestigious possessions on the High Ranges of Western Ghats, zealously guarded and efficiently managed
Flora : Hopea parviflora, Dipterocarpus indicus, Palaquium elliptium, Veteria indica and Myristica dactyloides

Fauna: Elephant, Gaur, Sambar, Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dog, Barking Deer, Lion Tailed Macaque, Nilgiri Langur, Nilgiri Tahr.

Accessibility: By Road: Kumily 4km, Kochi 190 km, Madurai 145 Km. Nearest Railway Station: Kottayam 115Km.

Best Time to Visit: November to May

Silent Valley National Park

Location : Palakkad District

Area : 237. 52 Sq.km

Uniqueness : The Silent Valley National Park in Palakkad District is perhaps the last undisturbed tropical rain forest in India. It is also one of the very few continuous forest strips, still left in the Western Ghats.
Flora : Besides an array of plant life, the Silent Valley has over 110 plant species of medicinal value, and seven new plant species have been discovered here.

Fauna: Approximately 30 mammal species including the tiger, leopard, elephant, the Nilgiri langur, the Malabar giant squirrel, the lion-tailed macaque, wild dogs and the gaur can be seen at the park. 120 species of birds, 100 species of butterflies, 400 species of moths, 19 species of amphibians, with 9 lizard species and 11 snake species have also been recorded.

Accessibility: Nearest Airport: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (55km), Nearest Railway Station: Palakkad (75km), Nearest Town: Mukkali

Best Time to Visit: September to March

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Location : Wayanad District

Area : 344.44 sq. km.

Uniqueness : Rich in biodiversity, the sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Interestingly; it was from here that Pazhassi Raja fought valiantly against the British.
Flora : Small patches of moist bamboo brakes and reparian forests are also seen. The shrubs of the forest floor include Butea parviflora, Grewia hirsuta, Desmodium species

Fauna: Elephant, Gaur, Tiger, Panther, Sambar, Spotted deer, Barking deer, Wild boar, Sloth bear, Nilgiri langur, Bonnet macaque, Common langur, Wild dog, common otter, Malabar giant squirrel etc are the major mammals

Accessibility: By Road - Kozhikode - 110 km, Nearest Railway Station: Kozhikode, Nearest Airport: Kozhikode.

Best Time to Visit: December to May